Mango Fruity

Mango fruity is a popular refreshing drink which is made easily at home in just few minutes. It stays well for a week when refrigerated. Mango fruity is preferred during summer in India. Home made mango fruity can be made with moderate amount of sugar whereas the store bought ones are loaded with preservatives and more sugar. It is made with both raw and ripe mangoes. The taste is sweet and inviting. You can double the quantity or try doing half the quantity. My all time favourite beverage mango fruity !

PREP TIME: 20 minutes

COOk TIME : 12 minutes

CUISINE : international

COURSE : beverage

YIELD : 3.5 L


Ripe mangoes – 7 no.

Raw mangoes – 1 no.

Water – 2 L

Lemon juice – 2.5 tbsp

Sugar – 3 cups( 250 ml cup)


Place a big bowl on the stove and add 2L water in it.

Add 3 cups sugar and allow to boil.

Meanwhile cut the ripe and raw mangoes into cubes.

When the sugar is dissolved, add the chopped mangoes.

Let it boil for 8 minutes until the raw mangoes become translucent or cooked.

Keep stirring.When the mangoes are cooked, stop the stove and allow it to cool.

When the mangoes are cooked, stop the stove and allow it to cool.

Now when the mixture is still warm, blend it using a hand blender.

Blend it well without any chunks.

Then pour the puree through a steel strainer and strain well to remove the fibre.

Discard the fibre collected in the strainer.

Add 2.5 thsp lemon juice to the strained juice and mix well.

Transfer the juice to glass bottles and refrigerate.

Finally serve the chilled mango fruity for your loved ones.

Note :

Mango fruity is ready to have without diluting.

You may try making double or half the quantity.

For half the quantity you may have to add mangoes in the ratio of 3:1

Step by step making video uploaded below.

YouTube link :

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