Coconut Macaroon

Macaroons can easily be made in just few minutes without any preparation. Just mix, scoop and bake it for your loved ones. Macaroons are available in every tea stall in our streets and small bakeries. During my childhood days, wanted to try one but never had a chance to go to tea stall. But one of my friends bought me and it was so yum. Wanted to bake those macaroons for my family and the taste of the macaroons were just out of the world ! I baked it for evening snack, kids loved them when it was freshly baked. My hubby had only two left when he came home. He too loved the chewy ones and said it was awesome ! So just try the delicious macaroons to believe it ! Happy baking!

⏲️PREP TIME : 10 minutes

⏲️BAKE TIME : 15 minutes

🍪CUISINE : Indian

🥨COURSE : snack

🍴YIELD : 14 macaroons


Dessicated coconut – 190 gm

Country sugar – 130 gm

Egg – 3 no.

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tbsp

Vanilla extract – 1 tsp


In a bowl add in the eggs, vanilla extract, sugar , cardamom powder and beat well .

To the batter add the dessicated coconut and mix with a spatula .

Scoop it with an ice cream scooper or with a round spoon and drop it on the lined baking tray.

In a preheated oven bake the macaroons at 160°c for 15 minutes or until the colour changes to golden.

Allow the macaroons to cool down and then relish it .

Store the left overs in an air tight container.


Macaroons are crunchy and yummy when it is fresh .

After an hour it becomes soft and chewy but still tastes damn good.

You can also use freshly grated coconut.