Whole wheat dosa

Whole wheat dosa the name itself says it all. The Whole wheat is soaked and ground to batter, fermented and  made into dosa. No baking soda or fruit salt used. Natural fermentation accelerate the growth of bacteria where the microorganisms like bacteria and yeast breakdown the carbs into organic acids. This acid naturally preserves food and convert them to fermented food. The Fermented foods have a nice taste, texture and aroma. Each bite of fermented food equals to trillions of good bacteria which helps in improving the immune system. We south Indians grew up eating fermented foods like idli, dosa, yogurt, kanji, bajra porridge, ragi porridge etc. Every meal would definitely have a fermented food which keeps our gut healthy.

This is a kind of variety dosa we make with wheat, urad dal and methi seeds. Duration of fermenting varies from 8 hours to overnight depending on the weather. Generally, we allow it to ferment for eight hours and the result is truly amazing. Do try this fermented whole wheat dosa instead of using store bought wheat flour for instant dosa. Do plan your meal, prepare and enjoy. It tastes really good and you would love to gorge on.

PREP TIME : 30 minutes

COOK TIME : less than 5 minutes for a dosa

CUISINE : south Indian

COURSE : main course

YIELD :  2 meals for 4 people


Whole wheat- 3 cups( 250 ml cup)

Urad dal – 1 cup

Methi seeds – 1 tsp

Sesame oil as required


In a bowl take 3 cup whole wheat and 1cup urad dal.

Take 1 tsp methi seeds. Wash them together thrice and soak it for 5 hours.

After 5 hours, transfer the soaked contents to a mixer jar or grinder.

Grind them by adding water and transfer to the bowl. The batter need not be smooth or too thick. Dosa batter should not be thick  but should be little coarse which helps in making  crispy dosa.

Add a tbsp of rock salt and mix the batter with hand.

Now close it and leave it in a warm place for 8 hours to ferment.

After 8 hours, the fluffy batter reaches till the rim of the bowl and that indicates the batter is fermented well and ready to use.

Note : if the batter is very thick, you can add little water to make flowy consistency batter at the time of making dosa.

Heat iron dosa tawa, sprinkle water on it and make sure the tawa is hot. Then take a laddle of batter and spread it well.

Add  1 to 1.5 tsp of sesame oil on dosa. keep the flame in medium and close with a lid to cook for a minute.

Open the lid and check. When the dosa turns crispy and golden, fold the dosa with  spatula and transfer to a plate.

Crispy tasty dosa is ready to serve with sambar and chutney.

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