Mango chia ice cream

Mango ice cream the most delicious, refreshing, creamy and absolutely perfect homemade ice cream. To relish fleshy and pulpy mangoes one has to wait for summer season. Tried an easy recipe to make creamy ice cream using just 3 ingredients with the flavours intact. Ice creams are basically made without any water droplet to avoid crystalization in it. Generally in ice creams preservatives and gelatin are used to get the creamy consistency. This is my recipe without any such chemicals in it. Used chia seeds in ice cream for health benefits which has got richest plant based source of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fibre and antioxidant. My family loved the crystal free yummy creamy mango ice cream with chia seeds !

PREP TIME : 15 minutes


CUISINE : International

COURSE : Dessert

YIELD : 4 servings


Ripe mangoes chopped – 318 gm

Condensed milk – 178 ml

Milk powder – 63 gm

Chia seeds – 2 tsp

Water – 6 tsp


In a bowl take chia seeds add water mix well and allow to rest for 15 minute to double.

In a mixer jar add chopped mangoes and condensed milk.

Blend it and add in milk powder.

Blend it smooth and transfer it to an air tight box.

Tap the box well.

Place an aluminum foil on top and cover it nicely to avoid water droplets come in contact with the ice cream.

Seal the edges properly.

Close the lid tightly and refrigerate for 12 hours.

After 12 hours scoop out the mango ice cream.

In a serving bowl drop the scooped mango ice cream.

Add the bloomed chia seeds over the ice cream.

Finally add chocolate syrup and a chocolatey bluecherry on top.


Used Hershey’s chocolate syrup and Hershey’s exotic dark blueberry & acai (on top)

Mixer jar, air tight container, mangoes and hands should be wiped clean without any water droplet to avoid crystals in ice cream.

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