Badam kheer

Badam kheer is a healthy heavenly kheer which is had as a dessert during festive times or on any special occasion. Almonds and cashews are ground finely and allowed to boil in milk, reduced, added saffron for natural colour and aroma. Cardamom added to enhance the flavour. Usually the almonds are soaked and the skin is removed then it is added to the kheer. I made it instantly without removing the skin but it made no difference in taste. Badam kheer is a delicious dessert which can be made in few minutes. You can do variety of kheers like using ground carrots to make carrot kheer. Soaked and cooked sabudana in milk for sabudana kheer. Badam kheer is a crowd pleaser. Do serve the kheer hot or cold as per eachones wish. Do try it for your family and friends and relish it!

PREP TIME : 10 minutes

COOK TIME : 40 minutes

CUISINE : Indian

COURSE : Dessert

YIELD : 10 servings


Full cream milk – 2 & 1/2 L

Sugar – 400 gm

Saffron – 2 generous pinch

Cashews – 10 no.

Almonds – 150 gm

Nuts of your choice to decorate


Grind almonds and cashews in a mixer jar to a fine powder.

Take milk in a big bowl and allow to boil well.

Stir continuously until it thickens and reduced to half.

Meanwhile take 3tbsp milk and 2generous pinch of saffron and mix well with a spoon until the colour of the milk changes.

Keep this saffron milk aside.

Stir the thickened milk continuously and donot allow cream formation.

In medium flame, add the ground almonds and let it cook for 5 more minutes.

Keep stirring and add in the saffron infused milk .

Next add in the sugar and mix well.

Add the powdered cardamom and give it a boil.

Now the kheer is done.

Add chopped nuts and serve hot or refrigerate it and serve cool.

It tastes good either way.


I have not added any essence if you wish, can add few drops of almond essence.

You can also soak the almonds in warm water for 4 hours or overnight and later remove skin, grind it and add it to milk.

Always add sugar at the end of making any kheer to avoid curdling of milk .