Nankhatai (gluten free )

Cookies are a must in our house. For mid morning and evening tea time , kids need something to munch . So I bake cookies on regular basis. Cookies made at home are buttery, so delicious, melts in mouth and healthy as well. I just love experimenting cookies and cakes with different ingredients. Nankhatai is generally made with desi ghee, gram flour, maida and sugar. I have tried a gluten free version of nankhatai with freshly ground almonds. I tried making it without baking powder or baking soda. Through these cookies, nuts too are consumed by my kids. I have used coconut sugar in this cookie for a change. So do try this gluten free nutty nankhatais for your family and enjoy it . Happy baking!

⏲PREP TIME : 25 minutes

⏲BAKE TIME : 35 minutes

🍜CUISINE : International

🥘COURSE : cookies

🍴YIELD : 40 cookies


Gram flour – 2cups (1 cup – 250 ml)

Almond meal – 1 & 1/2 cup

Coconut sugar – 1/2 cup

Honey – 7.5 gm

Unsalted butter – 180 gm

Vanilla extract – 1 tsp

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp


In a bowl add butter and coconut sugar.

Cream them till fluffy and add vanilla extract.

Add honey to the cream and beat well.

To the cream add in gram flour , almond flour and cardamom powder.

Combine the mixture to make a dough.

Keep the dough in an air tight container and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes , make balls out of dough and using palm , flatten the balls .

Make a depression in the centre and fill them with pistachios.

Assemble the cookies in a lined baking tray with an inch distance.

In a preheated oven bake the cookies at 150° c for 15 minutes.

Cool the baking tray on wire rack.

Once it is cool down , transfer the cookies to an air tight container.

Later enjoy the cookies with tea.


Used freshly ground almonds with skin .You can also use almond meal available in market .

You can use any sugar of your choice.

Each oven differs so do keep an eye on the oven after 10 minutes of baking .

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