Coconut burfi

Coconut burfi the most popular so simple dessert made during the festival times or celebration. Taste and simplicity of this coconut burfi is irreplaceable. We inherite the recipes from our ancestors for the taste. Usually coconut burfi is made with white sugar but I have replaced it with country sugar. Now adays dessicated coconut and coconut milk are readily available in markets. For easy method you can try with dessicated coconut for this burfi but I have used freshly grated coconut.

If using dessicated coconut, you need to soak it in milk or coconut milk for half an hour.

I have added moderate amount of milk to avoid soggyness. Do follow exact measurements given below for the exact consistency and taste.

⏲️PREP TIME : 10 minutes

⏲️COOK TIME : 25 minutes

🍘CUISINE : South Indian

🍘COURSE : Dessert

🍴YIELD : 16 servings


Grated coconut – 515 gm

Country sugar – 340 gm

Cardamom powder – 2 tbsp

Ghee – 2 tbsp

Cashew nuts as required

Milk – 120ml


Heat a tablespoon of ghee in a non-stick pan and add grated coconut.

Roast the coconut for 2 minutes.

Add milk to coconut and continue to stir well.

Keep stirring until milk is absorbed.

Add in the country sugar and mix them well.

Now the mixture becomes soft and sugar is melted and well incorporated.

Add the cardamom powder and mix well.

Keep stirring until it comes together. (20 minutes)

Now the mixture is ready you can stop the flame.

Remove the pan from the stove and mix it well for 2-3 minutes.

Now transfer it to a greased plate and press it smooth on top using a knife or pallete knife.

Heat a tablespoon of ghee and roast broken cashews till golden.

Finally place the cashews in uniform distance.

Press them a little.

After 10 minutes slice them.

Coconut burfi is ready to serve.

Boondi laddu

Traditional boondi laddus are made in south India on auspicious days like Diwali, Tamil new year and also on some special occasions. Laddus are loved by all age groups and favorite sweet for many. Whenever we go for vacation to my mom’s place, laddus welcome my kids and they are a big hit. Laddus are so easy sweet which can be made with no strain. Gram flour is dissolved in water to a flowing consistency being neither too thick nor thin, boondis are fried and added to prepared single string sugar syrup, with fried cashews and edible camphor made into laddus.

Important tip for making laddu is boondi should not be crispy. As soon as the boondis are dropped, don’t wait to cook or change in colour. Need to take the boondis very soon when they are soft. I have tried, flopped thrice in making laddus as because I fried boondis crispy or wrong sugar syrup consistency but finally made it perfect. Usually refined sugar is used for making laddus but I have used jaggery maximum with minimal refined sugar. So happy that my family and friends loved it. Do try this hygienic, less expensive delicious boondi laddus for your family. Please check for more tips in note given below.

⏲️PREP TIME : 30 minutes

⏲️COOK TIME : 60 minutes

🥘CUISINE : Indian

🍲COURSE : Dessert

🍴YIELD : 30 laddus


Gram flour – 270 gm (1& 1/2cup)

Baking soda – 1/4 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

Jaggery – 320gm ( 1 cup)

Sugar – 130gm (1/2 cup)

Ground nut oil – 1/2 L

Cashew nuts as required

Ghee – 1tbsp

Cardamom powder – 1tsp

Camphor – a pinch


In a pan take 1 cup jaggery and add water till the jaggery is soaked.

Heat the pan and stir it until Jaggery dissolves and stop the flame.

Filter the dissolved jaggery syrup.

Now add in the refined sugar to filtered jaggery syrup.

Add 3 tbsp water and allow it to boil.

Touch the syrup and check with your fingers. Let it boil until 1 string consistency.

Now stop the flame and keep it aside.

In a bowl add gram flour, turmeric powder, baking soda and mix well then add water little by little to dosa batter consistency.

Mix with a whisk to break the lumps.

Heat oil in a wok and pour a ladle of gram flour batter on skimmer ladle.

Move around the ladle on the skimmer ladle and tap it for boondis to drop into oil.

Take it immediately when it is soft.

Clean the skimmer ladle with hands both top and bottom each and every time.

Drop the fried boondis in the sugar syrup.

Mix the boondis well with the syrup.

In a mixer jar take the boondis and give it a pulse.

Now add the cardamom powder.

Add in the crushed edible camphor.

Heat ghee in a pan and fry cashews.

Add in the fried cashews.

Mix everything using ladle and make balls.

Laddus are done.


Allow syrup to boil till 1string consistency.

Clean the skimmer ladle everytime.

Do not add more water to jaggery.

Boondis should not be fried crispy for soft laddus.

Crispy boondis result in hard laddus.

I had only 2tbsp excess oil left in wok after frying the boondis.

Do follow exact measurements given for yummy soft laddus.

You may follow either cup (any cup) or gm measurements.

Beet n carrot halwa

Carrot halwa is a mouth watering indian dessert which is loved by all age groups. While in grocery shopping, long red carrots attracted me and it striked me to make this halwa. Cutting veggies is an art ! When it comes to cooking, I like to chop and do everything on my own. Suddenly thought of giving a twist to the halwa by adding beets. It came out so delicious and colourful. The halwa resulted in an attractive dark red colour which is my favourite colour. With a dash of saffron and fried nuts halwa is outstanding. Every bite is flavourful and just melts in mouth. Its a big hit at my home. Tips for making quick halwa is given in notes so do read and try this healthy delicious and rich halwa for your loved ones and enjoy it !

⏲️PREP TIME : 20 minutes

⏲️COOK TIME : 60 minutes

🥘CUISINE : Indian

🍲COURSE : Dessert

🍴YIELD : 16 servings


Carrot – 640 gm

Beetroot – 200 gm

Cane sugar – 280 gm

Milk – 410 ml

Ghee – 125 ml

Unsweetened koya – 100 gm

Nuts as required

Saffron a pinch

Cardamom powder – 1tsp


Chop the carrots, beetroot and add to mixer jar.

Add milk little by little and blend them coarsely not finely.

Heat the pan and transfer the blended carrots and beets to it.

In medium flame, add the remaining milk close the lid .

When it is cooked and the milk is evaporated, add the cane sugar.

Let the sugar dissolve and the consistency be thick.

Once it is thickened, add ghee little by little and stir continuously.

[Keep aside 2 tbsp ghee to fry nuts at the end.]

Keep stirring until it comes together leaving the sides of the pan.

Add a tsp of cardamom powder and mix well.

Add in the crumbled koya and stir well

In a small pan add the ghee kept aside and fry the nuts in it.

Add in the fried nuts and saffron to the pan and mix well.

Now the halwa is done.

Transfer the halwa to a bowl and serve hot or at home temperature.


Cardamom (3 no.) and sugar ( 3 tsp ) can be freshly blend together in a mixer jar and can be added to halwa.

I usually store cardamom and sugar blended powder in an air tight glass container in the refrigerator.

Ensure the milk is fully evaporated add sugar is dissolved in each stage of making.

For a quick halwa, can add milk and blended carrots to pressure cooker and give a whistle. Later transfer to pan and add sugar then the procedure is same as given above.

You may skip koya if you are diet conscious.

Peanut dates balls

Peanut balls are very healthy and its traditionally made in houses of South India. Peanuts, jaggery and coconut are ground to coarse powder and made into balls. They are so filling and full of proteins and iron rich as well. Its a big hit in our house and liked by my kids very much. They vanish within 2 weeks time. Do try it for your family and stay healthy !

⏲️PREP TIME : 15 minutes

⏲️COOK TIME : 20 minutes

🥘COURSE : Snack

🍲CUISINE : Indian

🍴YIELD : 25 balls


Peanut – 250gm

Dates – 30 no.

Jaggery powder – 80 gm

Coconut scrapping – 85 gm


Deseed and chop the dates .

Dry roast the peanuts until the colour changes and skin starts to peel.

Dry roast Coconut scrapping until it becomes slight brown.

In a mixer jar add a hand full roasted peanuts, hand full coconut scrapping and hand full jaggery and grind it coarsely.

Grind them in 2 to 3 batches.

Transfer the ground contents to a plate and add in the chopped dates.

Mix the dates with the mixture and make balls .

Balls are done .

Transfer the balls to an air tight container.


You can also add roasted, ground sesame seeds and flax seeds.

It stays good until 3 weeks in room temperature.

Kalakand Burfi

Kalakand is loaded with the richness of classic flavours and its perfect to satiate the sweet cravings. It just takes 25 minutes to get ready. The flavours of saffron, cardamom and the nuts make it so rich and delicious. Kalakand is one sweet that takes a place in all Indian festivals and functions. Milk based sweets are kids favourite and it calls for white refined sugar. It can also be prepared by reducing the milk instead of adding condensed milk but this method is an easy, simple and instant way of making kalakand in no time. The crumbled paneer gives it a delicate grainy texture. Do try this recipe to believe it !!

⏲PREP TIME : 10 minutes

⏲COOK TIME : 25 minutes

🍲COURSE : Dessert

🥘CUISINE : Indian

🍴YIELD : 16 servings


Milk powder – 155 gm

Condensed milk – 600 ml

Paneer – 200gm (crumbled)

Cardamom powder – 1tbsp

Nuts for topping

Saffron – for decoration


Heat a nonstick pan, add condensed milk, crumbled paneer and milk powder .

Add cardamom powder and mix well.

Stir continuously in medium flame.

Keep stirring without the bottom getting burnt.

Until everything comes together keep stirring.

Stop the flame when it comes together leaving the sides like a ball.

Transfer the contents to a greased tray.

Smoothen the top with a knife and throw in some saffron.

Add chopped nuts on top and press it with knife.

Let it set for 10 minutes and later flip it on a plate.

Slice it and serve them.

Foxtail millet ( Thinai) balls

Millets are good carbs, high in fibre, low in glucose and helps in digestion as well. Millets can be cooked quickly and digested easily. I have used foxtail millet and roasted bengal gram which makes a very good combination for this sweet ball. This is a very snack, can be made in no time. Palm sugar with ghee make it a perfect healthy snack for kids. Do try it and enjoy it!

⏲PREP TIME : 20 minutes

⏲COOK TIME : 15 minutes

🍜CUISINE : Indian

🥘COURSE : Snack

🍴YIELD : 25 balls


Roasted bengal gram – 1/2 cup (1/2 cup – 125 ml)

Foxtail millet flour – 200 gm

Palm sugar – 3/4 cup

Cardamom powder – 1 tbsp

Ghee – 6 tbsp

Cashew nuts – 3 tbsp


Powder bengal gram seperately and palm sugar seperately in a mixer jar and keep them aside.

Dry roast ground bengal gram flour for 3 minutes.

Dry roast millet flour for 3 minutes.

In a bowl add the roasted flours, cardamom powder and palm sugar.

Heat ghee in a pan , temper cashews and add it to the mixture.

Mix them well and make balls.

Transfer the millet balls to an air tight container.

Millet balls are ready to serve.


You can use any millet flour of your choice.

While making balls, towards the end if the flour becomes dry, can add little hot ghee to combine the flour to make balls.

You can also add dry ginger powder to the mixture .

Always keep cardamom and sugar powdered together handy to use it for sweets.

Nankhatai (gluten free )

Cookies are a must in our house. For mid morning and evening tea time , kids need something to munch . So I bake cookies on regular basis. Cookies made at home are buttery, so delicious, melts in mouth and healthy as well. I just love experimenting cookies and cakes with different ingredients. Nankhatai is generally made with desi ghee, gram flour, maida and sugar. I have tried a gluten free version of nankhatai with freshly ground almonds. I tried making it without baking powder or baking soda. Through these cookies, nuts too are consumed by my kids. I have used coconut sugar in this cookie for a change. So do try this gluten free nutty nankhatais for your family and enjoy it . Happy baking!

⏲PREP TIME : 25 minutes

⏲BAKE TIME : 35 minutes

🍜CUISINE : International

🥘COURSE : cookies

🍴YIELD : 40 cookies


Gram flour – 2cups (1 cup – 250 ml)

Almond meal – 1 & 1/2 cup

Coconut sugar – 1/2 cup

Honey – 7.5 gm

Unsalted butter – 180 gm

Vanilla extract – 1 tsp

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp


In a bowl add butter and coconut sugar.

Cream them till fluffy and add vanilla extract.

Add honey to the cream and beat well.

To the cream add in gram flour , almond flour and cardamom powder.

Combine the mixture to make a dough.

Keep the dough in an air tight container and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes , make balls out of dough and using palm , flatten the balls .

Make a depression in the centre and fill them with pistachios.

Assemble the cookies in a lined baking tray with an inch distance.

In a preheated oven bake the cookies at 150° c for 15 minutes.

Cool the baking tray on wire rack.

Once it is cool down , transfer the cookies to an air tight container.

Later enjoy the cookies with tea.


Used freshly ground almonds with skin .You can also use almond meal available in market .

You can use any sugar of your choice.

Each oven differs so do keep an eye on the oven after 10 minutes of baking .

Seven cups burfi

Sweets are a must during festive time. Diwali is all about crackers, sweets and muruku ( chakli). We prepare our traditional sweets and savoury for diwali and distribute them to our relatives and friends . Sweets are made with home made ghee so it smells heavenly and tempt us to have them more while preparing it . Sweets taste delicious when had hot from pan. I love tasting sweets when hot. Seven cups burfi is made using gram flour , coconut , sugar, ghee and milk. You don’t have to run to mil to ground flour. Readily available gram flour can be used to make this burfi. This is everybodies favourite sweet in our home. I usually make this burfi with brown sugar. It just melts in mouth . Do try it and enjoy it with your family and friends!

⏲PREP TIME : 20 minutes

⏲COOK TIME : 30 minutes

🍜CUISINE : indian

🥘COURSE : dessert

🍴YIELD : 16 servings


Gram flour – 1 cup ( 1 cup – 125 ml )

Ghee – 2 cups

Coconut scrapping – 1 cup

Milk – 1 cup

White sugar – 1 cup

Brown sugar – 2 cups


Using a mixer jar blend milk and coconut together to a fine paste.

In a nobstick pan, add gram flour, sugars and ground coconut paste.

Mix them well without lumps.

Now keep the pan on stove in low flame.

Stir continuously .

When it comes to boil, add 1/4 cup ghee and keep stirring.

Stir it continuously .

Once ghee is absorbed add ghee little by little and keep stirring.

When it comes together leaving the sides, add the remaining ghee and stop the flame.

Remove pan from stove and stir for few more minutes.

Stir until it comes together like a ball.

In a greased tray or lined tray, pour the contents from pan.

Add nuts and smoothen the top of it with palette knife.

Allow it to set for 20 minutes.

Now draw lines and cut out the sweets in desired shape either square or diamond.

Seven cups burfi is ready to serve.


Measure all the ingredients in the same cup.


Kozhukattais are very traditional sweet prepared on Ganesh chadurthi. Kids usually love to have kozhukattais and the stuffing differs in each house as per their taste . Spicy kozhukattais are also prepared which requires only sauting of mustard seeds,Channa dhal,curry leaves,chillies, onions and coconut .,Which are added to rice dough before steaming. My family loves kozhukattais with Jack fruit and moong dhal stuffing . It is loaded with nutrients so, its very healthy too. During summer season , I stock Jack fruit and cook them in jaggery syrup and store it in freezer. Vinayagar Chadurthi is not complete without the Jack fruit stuffed modagam or kozhukattai in our house. You can skip the Jack fruit stuffing alone in this recipe in case you don’t have it in hand. Lets get started with the recipe of how to make that yummy kozhukattais.

⏲PREP TIME : 30 minutes

⏲COOK TIME : 1O minutes

🥘CUISINE : Indian

🍜COURSE : Gluten free dessert

🍴YIELD : 10 servings


RAW RICE FLOUR – 1 CUP ( my 1cup =250ml )

BOILING WATER – 1 – 1 &1/2 CUP





MOONG DHAL – 1/4 cup

SALT – 1/2 tsp

OIL – 1 tbsp


Boil water by adding salt and oil.

Add the boiling water to roasted rice flour little by little to make a smooth dough.

Keep the dough closed aside .


Heat a pan add 3 tbsp jaggery and little water stir well .

Once the jaggery is dissolved, stop the flame, strain it and keep aside.

Roast the sesame seeds ,powder it keep aside.

Pressure cook moong dhal .

Heat the pan add the cooked moong dhal,sesame powder,jaggery syrup,cardamom powder and grated coconut.

Stir well until they come together.

Make small balls with the stuffing prepared.

Now roll the rice dough into balls and flatten them in Palm.

Place a teaspoon of stuffing and close the balls.

Using mould you can give it a shape.

Apply oil to the mould to remove them easily .

In a steamer or idli cooker, place the kozhukattais and cook for 10 minutes.

Kozhukattais get a shine when they are done.

Now kozhukattais are ready to serve.


You can even soak raw rice , grind it then in hot pan pour this , add a spoon of oil , stir well until it becomes thick nonsticky dough.

I have used Jack fruit jaggery filling( instead of sesame seeds) which I had preserved in freezer .

You can use banana or mango instead of Jack fruit. Just chop the fruits, cook them in jaggery syrup ,cool it and use it.

Add few drops of oil to hot water for glazzy modak.

If using store bought kolukatai flour, dry roast it without fail.

Apply oil to the mould everytime to remove kozhukatai easily without sticking.

Milk Peda

Milk peda is a very popular Indian dessert which can be made instantly at home. Evaporating the full cream milk to koya form is the process involved in pedas. It’s a gluten free dessert. Karnataka and Mathura are famous for these pedas. During festival times like krishna jayanthi, we prepare milk sweets for Lord Krishna who loves milk products. Even I and my kids love milk sweets very much so, I do this milk peda when we have sweet cravings and this recipe is really simple and yummy. When you have sudden guests coming home you can make this easy pedas in no time. This recipe calls for only 3 ingredients. Do try this easy instant milk peda and celebrate krishnajayanthi with your family.

⏲PREP TIME : 10 Minutes

⏲COOK TIME : 15 Minutes

🥘COURSE : Dessert

🍜CUISINE : Indian

🍴YIELD : 30 Pedas


MILK POWDER – 1 & 1/4 Cup


GHEE – 6 Tbsp


NUTS – Roasted ( As required )

KOYA – 2 Tbsp

SAFFRON – 1/2 Tsp


In a nonstick pan, add condensed milk and milk powder mix them well without lumps.

Keep the pan in the stove in medium flame and keep stirring.

Add 4 tbsp ghee and stir continuously.

Add koya and mix them to combine.

Now add the cardamom powder and saffron.

Stir well until everything comes together leaving the sides.

When it comes like a ball, stop the flame .

Remove the pan from stove and stir for few seconds.

When the dough is warm to touch, knead the dough to make it smooth.

Apply ghee in palm and make balls and flatten them in the centre.

Fill roasted nuts in the centre of pedas.

Pedas are ready to serve.


You could mix saffron to milk and add it to give natural colour to pedas.

More you knead , the softer the pedas are.

Nei Appam / sweet paniyaram

On the auspicious days like varalakshmi pooja, gokulashtami,and karthigai deepam, appam is usually a must made prasadam for God. Appam is traditionally made using raw rice and jaggery with the flavour of cardamom. Bananas in appam makes the appam really delicious. Try doing these healthy appams during pooja days and even on other days for your kids and enjoy the dish with your family.

⏲ PREP TIME : 20 Minutes

⏲ COOK TIME : 30 Minutes

🍴Course : Dessert

🥘 CUISINE : Indian

🥗YIELD : 25 Appams


Raw rice – 1 cup (my 1 cup is 250ml)

Jaggery – 1 cup

Ghee – 2 tbsp

Wheat flour – 2 tbsp

Coconut grated – 1/3 cup

Baking soda – 1pinch

Cardamom- 1/2 tsp

Banana – 2 (puvan)

Water – 1/2 cup

Oil to fry


Soak raw rice for 2 to 3 hours .

Heat a pan, add jaggery and water .

Stir continuously.

once jaggery dissolves, stop the flame.

Strain it to remove impurities.

In a mixer jar, add the soaked, drained raw rice, bananas and cardamom powder.

Grind them using the jaggery syrup to a smooth batter.

To the batter add grated Coconut or finely cut coconuts, baking powder and wheat flour.

Mix them well like dosa batter using jaggery syrup or water if required to adjust consistency.

Heat paniyara tawa, add little oil to holes in tawa (mix 2 tbsp ghee to oil for frying).

Pour the batter till the rim of the holes. Cook them in medium flame.

When you see holes on the top of the appams, its time to turn over them.Always use a spoon to turn over. When you get nice colour on both sides, it is done.Appams are ready to serve.

Bottlegourd Halwa

All in my family have sweet tooth so, generally I prepare sweets using brown sugar or jaggery. Bottle gourd halwa is a wonderful classic Indian dessert. A treat for eyes as much as it is to taste buds. A mouth watering halwa made using pure home made ghee and garnished with cashew nuts. This recipe calls for a less amount of ghee, so do try this recipe and enjoy with your family & friends without any guilt. Lets get started with the recipe of making the halwa.

PREP TIME : 10 minutes

COOK TIME : 40 minutes

🥗YIELD : 10 servings

🥘CUISINE : Indian

🍴COURSE : Dessert

INGREDIENTS REQUIRED : (my 1 cup = 250ml)

Grated bottle gourd -2cups

Brown sugar – 1cup

Ghee -100ml

Cardamom powdered -1tsp

Cashews as required


In a nonstick pan, heat a spoon of ghee and add the grated bottle gourd and stir well.

Close the pan with the lid . Let it cook for 10 minutes in sim.

After 10 minutes open the pan and add the brown sugar , mix them well.

Close the lid and allow it to cook for 5 min in sim.

Open the pan, once the liquid is absorbed, in medium flame keep stirring add ghee little by little .

Stir continuously until everything comes together without sticking to pan.

At this stage you can add unsweetened khoya to add richness to the sweet .

But I haven’t used khoya because I didn’t want to make it heavy.

Now heat a tsp of ghee in another pan, roast the cashews.

Add in the roasted cashews to the bottle gourd mixture.

Finally add little ghee, give it a stir & stop the flame.


Usually they squeeze out the excess water from bottle gourd but I cooked without removing them.