Tender coconut mango popsicle

Summer is all about tender coconuts and mangoes. Mangoes are delicious and mouth watering. When it comes to popsicles it becomes more tempting and attractive. Tender coconut and mangoes are a great combination. With no added condensed milk or sugar these popsicles are so yummy. Natural foods are always out of the world. Popsicles are so easy to make just blend it, fill in the moulds and refrigerate in freezer for 8 hours and its done. Homemade popsicles with fresh mangoes and tender coconut is heavenly. No preservatives, no chemicals and no sugars involved but full of natural goodness. Check out the easy steps and do try it!

PREP TIME : 15 minutes


CUISINE : International

COURSE : Dessert

YIELD : 6 kulfis


Tender coconut – 1

Tender coconut water – 60 ml (1/2 glass)

Ripened mango (any mango) – 1


Scoop out tender coconut pulp.

In a small mixer jar add the pulp and add little tender coconut water.

Blend it to a fine thick paste .

Fill the kulfi mould with the tender coconut paste using a spoon.

Fill in half of each mould or full with tender coconut pulp.

Remove the skin and take a cup of chopped mangoes.

Using the same mixer jar blend mangoes to a fine paste.

Now top the kulfi mould with mango pulp over the tender coconut pulp.

Fill up till the rim and close it.

Refrigerate in freezer for 8 hours.

Later take the mould and dip the bottom portion of mould in a bowl of water.

Now slowly turn the kulfi stick holder in one direction to loosen it.

Finally take out the kulfis.

Kulfis are done.

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