Mango cheese cake

Mango cheese cake 2 ways frozen (no bake)/ baked ! So delicious one to have in summer/ mango season. Mango rules our summer ! Nutty crust is so healthy, gluten- free and refined sugar free. You can use gelatin instead of agar agar but latter is vegetarian. I don’t have a spring foam pan so made using my tart pan during the lockdown. Ran out of cream cheese during lockdown so replaced with hung curd. Cream cheese can also be substituted with tofu or paneer.

I have used 7inches pan and 3 cups for this recipe. For baked crust base used round pan and the cups for frozen crust.

PREP TIME : 20 minutes

COOK TIME : 2 minutes

CUISINE : American

COURSE : dessert

YIELD : 10 servings

Frozen / baked crust : The frozen crust softens quite a bit during refrigeration of the complete cake whereas baked crust hardens and doesn’t absorb the moisture from the cheese cake.

For frozen crust : freeze for 30 minutes.

For baked crust : bake for just 12 minutes.

Refrigeration : I insist you to chill overnight or 24 hours.

Tips : From 800 gm of homemade curd got 365 gm of thick hung curd. Sieve the agar agar without fail to remove lumps. Grate only the outer green  portion of lemon for lemon zest. Orange zest also tastes better. Once the crust is baked, allow it to cool down complete in wire rack then pour the filling on it.

You can serve the cheese cake plain or serve with whipped cream or sour cream or fruit curd or fresh fruits on top. For neat clean slices, wipe the knife with a damp cloth between each cut.

Note: Use 8 inches round spring foam pan for this recipe.


Almonds – 250 gm

Dates – 20 no.

Fig – 15 no.

Hung curd –  365 gm

Mango chopped –  500 gm (for puree)

Mangoes for decoration –  3 small

Honey – 3 tbsp

Vanilla essence – 1 tsp

Agar agar – 1/3 cup


Firstly take agar agar in a small bowl and add water to immerse it . Let it soak for 10 minutes.

In a mixie jar add almonds and grind to a powder.

Add in chopped  dates and fig grind again.

Transfer the ground nuts to a greased removal bottom pan or spring foam pan.

Press and smoothen the mixture using a cup.

Bake the pan in a preheated oven for 12 minutes at 180°c.

Fill in the excess mixture in 3 glass cups. No greasing required.

Freeze the cups for 30 minutes.

Now peel, chop the mangoes and add to mixie jar and grind to smooth paste.

Meanwhile heat a pan and add the soaked agar agar.

Allow it to boil. Keep stirring until agar agar dissolves. Let it sit for few minutes.

Using a cloth tie and hang homemade curd for 2 hours to remove whey (water in curd) completely. Donot skip this procedure.

Take this thick hung curd in a bowl.

Mix the thick hung curd using a whisk.

Add lemon zest and honey. Mix them.

Add the vanilla essence  and  warm agar agar. Agar agar  must be warm to set well.

Sieve the agar agar and add it to the mixture. Fold in gently.

Once the base is baked, let it cool down then pour in the mixture on the base.

Smoothen the filling layer using spatula.

Cover and refrigerate (not freeze)the pan and cups overnight.

Later peel and chop mangoes.

Make roses out of the mango peel.

Cheese cakes are set and ready to decorate.

Decorate with roses and chopped mangoes.

Remove the cheese cake from pan, slice it and serve.


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